Color Blind & Others Stories

The collection is varied in presentation. Each story is written in a different style to fit its uniqueness within the collection. Each character-driven story not only has its tale to relate, but possesses its own voice in which to tell it covering education, marriage, male/female and family/personal relationshihps.
COLOR-BLIND is the lead story. It’s about an interracial couple who buck the long odds on both sides of the color line.
LA NEGRA is a study in character growth set in exotic and romantic Puerto Rico.
TENNIS, ANYONE? is about a man finding the right woman through his favorite sport.
MARTINIS & SCREWDRIVERS is about an aging bachelor who will go to great lengths to protect his precious freedom, but with not so satisfying results.
THE DREAM LADY presents a different take on the greed factor in all of us with unexpected results.
A TIME TO LIVE is about a son’s love for his aged father in trying to save him from his dire outlook on life and get him to look to the future with a reason to live.
THE FIG TREE  is about a boy and his father and how a fig tree helps save and grow the relationship between them.
THE DEAN’S LIST is set in the year 1970 after the Kent State campus national guard killing of four students and how it affects the young college protagonist’s future.
THE GOLDEN BUDDHA is about a niece helping the police find her uncle’s murderer in an artsy tourist town.
A DIFFERENCE OF OPINION has a husband versus his wife and their roller-coaster ride to a more satisfying relationship after a period of living up in “God’s” country that doesn’t turn out the way he planned it to.
COLOR-BLIND & OTHERS is now available as an e-book from’s Kindle e-book store @ $1.99 per download. (ASIN: B00B9JZL1Y)
Note: A T IME TO LIVE and THE GOLDEN BUDDHA were previously published in print in slightly different versions.