Confession of Sugar Daddy

CONFESSIONS OF A SUGAR DADDY has a lot of truth intertwined within the fictional embellishments in the story’s narrative. The writing is by Chase Montgomery, the Sugar Daddy, while he sits in a death-row cell in a Florida prison. He tells us in narrative form and in scenes from the beginnings of his life when he was first sexually abused by his horny and unattractive babysitter to his own abusing of his first girlfriend during his youth to the string of later girlfriends, prostitutes and even a dominatrix: each female, from his legitimate relationships to his nonlegitimate Sugar Babies to his last live-in Sugar Baby arrangement in Florida where he ended up after leaving New Jersey. It’s the result of his last disastrous relationship with a college-age student. In Florida he sets up housekeeping with his last Sugar Baby, plus his live-in butler/man servant who is young enough to be attractive to Chase’s Sugar Baby. It’s his big mistake. The Sugar Baby and the male servant end up plotting to eliminate Chase in order to take over what he has for themselves as a couple. Chase becomes aware of it and in a fit of rage, while witnessing them making love in his house, yet, he shoots both of them dead and then meekly turns himself in to the county sheriff’s department. The story ends with him in his cell writing the last of his comments on his life as he waits for word of his clemency appeal from the governor. If he doesn’t get the pardon, he knows what’s in store for him, an injected chemical cocktail that’s intended to kill him, like a dog being put to “sleep” in some veterinarian’s office.
Confessions of a Sugar Daddy isn’t a direct sequel to Sugar Daddies 101, but it surely is related since it comes out of the author’s research in the intriguing field of Sugar Daddies and their Sugar Babbies and what is all wrong about their sordid relationships.