Playing Games & Others Stories

PLAYING GAMES (A loving wife confronts a wayward, immature husband on his own “swinging turf.”)
WIPED OUT (A couple of horny college guys on the “hunt.”)
CORNBREAD (A minority teacher’s attempt to save a minority youth on a self-destructive path.)
SNOWFALL (Man against nature ends up man against himself.)
A MEETING (A paid sexual transaction turns into something else for the unsuspecting “John.”)
BAWDY PRIEST (A cuckold husband gains his self-respect.)
THE TENNIS PLAYER (Regaining his pride ends up not worth the results.)
THE CLONING (A leftover from the twentieth century tries to fight the system of another century.)
THE CYBORGS (What happens when there is no freedom left, even for those “extra-humans.”)
LIZA (A little girl’s special problems and innocent view of life are the glue that makes family solidarity a reality.)
THE AWAKENING (Two minority young women find a way out of the status quo of “their” society.)
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