Prisoner of Love




A Romantic Comedy
This is an original story with a touch of humor while avoiding caricature as much as possible. Its premise commences
when a college campus meeting between a “Mafia princess” and a handsome stranger turns into a love afair that even
the mob can’t break up.
Lance Stuart, Ph.D. candidate and campus Don Juan, woos Mafia princess and master’s graduate student, Connie Barton,
a.k.a. Concetta Bartoni. Lance doesn’t have a clue as to Connie’s real name or to its “connected” implications. She lies about
her family’s “business” to him, and he lies about his dysfunctional family affairs revolving around his parents and their problems
to Connie. And from there the story builds its dual web of romantic intrigue. Hey, why let the truth spoil a budding romance?
And when Connie’s father, Frank Bartoni, a mob Godfather of sorts finds out about his daughter’s romantic fling with somebody
he doesn’t know or approves of, he makes moves to get this Joe-College “jerk-off” distraction out of Connie’s life. As long as he’s
paying the bills, he wants to call the shots as to who’s good enough to court her, and to maybe even win her hand in marriage.
He’s got future grandchildren to think about.
Connie’s yearning to break the economic ties that bind her to Frank Bartoni’s special rules and his interference in her life, perpetrated
by his “goons,” turns out to be the impetus she needs to rescue herself from a life of financial and familial servitude–as she sees it.
After a hospital reconciliation with Lance (he’s recovering from an auto accident, which Connie feels guilty about), she does just that–and
reaches for independence. Connie’s got “balls.” She’s a real chip off the old block. She takes her college consort in tow and confronts her
father, on his turf, yet, in a battle of wills.
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