Romance Novel

This is the love story of the young engineering student at Northern Nazarene University, Brooke Chaffin, and the older college English department instructor at Northern Nazarene, Lincoln “Linc” Springfield, that once again proves Shakespeare was right about true love not running smoothly. Initially, they have to overcome their age difference gap. She’s in her early twenties; he’s in his late thirties. The most adamant opposition to their pairing comes from her obsessive, possessive father, who happens to be the head dean of Northern Nazarene and Linc’s boss. And from there the difficulties compound themselves physically as well as socially until the chasam, of sorts, is settled in a most unexpected place.
This satisfying romance novel is now available as an e-book from Amazon’s Kindle e-bookstore at $1.99 per download. ASIN: B00RU8C8B4