Science Fiction

               A short novel about what is in store for all of us if we don’t watch out.
The futuristic science-fiction setting of the story line highlights the religious group’s regress to a simpler life despite the times. They no longer fit in a world run by secular elitists. Their leader, Reverend Brandon Love, has led them into exile on the picturesque San Juan Islands, a part of what was once known as the great state of Washington. Its name no longer exists, nor does the once great United States of America. The USA has been divided into numbered sections. The entire North American and South American Continents suffer the numbered sections changes as with the rest of the world. The histories of all countries have been obliterated. There is no past, since the one-world elitists have declared there can only be a future–with them in charge of their shadowy one-world government supported and enabled by bureaucrats who do their bidding. These controlling elitists have managed to remain hidden from the world’s populations. Reverend Brandon Love knows their time is short before the obsequious minions remove everybody for re-indoctrination and acceptance in the ways of atheistic secularism. Belief in a supreme being is no longer tolerated. So, how can he and his congregation escape the inevitable? The open seas beyond control of the elitists remain a possibility. Enter Captain Nick and his fellow deserting navy sailors who share the San Juan Islands sanctuary with Reverend Love’s religious group. Together, they plan their escape to the nearby ocean through the captain’s and his followers’ ingenuity and diligent work in building a floating city composed of connected houseboats that can withstand the rigors of surviving hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis of all sizes. The only question is: Can they pull it off in time? And even out on the ocean, will they be safe from the elitist athorities; and who knows what else awaits them out there, once they become subject to the vagaries of living on water? But do they have a choice? Reverend Love and Captain Nick know they don’t. Time is rapidly running out for them. It’s the freedom of their planned floating-city life or the controlled stifling world offered by the elitists that awaits them on the mainland. They choose the ocean but soon become aware that even out there they have to fight for their lives and their precious freedoms.

Two science-fiction short stories by the author are now available in a composite e-book on Kindle at $0.99 per download titled THE CYBORGS and THE CLONING (ASIN: B00MKD7FKI) for another look into the future that is coming to a place near you.