Sugar Dadies


A 29,500-word novella that is now available as an e-book from Amazon Kindle e-book reader store at $1.99 per download (ASIN: B00EAY3D06). It is a romantic suspense story involving a college-age attractive young female in need of financing for her college expenses. She doesn’t want to end up a hundred-thousand dollars in debt by the time she graduates. What’s the answer? Get an older dude sugar daddy to help pay for her education. But it comes with a price. And that’s the rub. She makes a deal with the devil, so to speak, and has to pay the piper; let the conflict games begin. Of course, the sugar daddies, whom she gets involved with the first year, want exclusivity on her personal favors, but she has a hard time living up to that codicil. She becomes enamored with a young Ph.D. candidate instructor and the difficulties pile on until the crisis, climax and resolution of the story peak. Her male “hunk” instructor and her female roommate have to help extricate the protagonist from her immediate physical problems. And her hookup with the instructor also proves beneficial from a number of other aspects, making her future colegiate outlook brighter.