A comedy about the positive and negative aspects of winning a ton of money and its curses and joys that make it a sudden boon or a nightmare.
The sweepstakes people say that money dreams can come true. Yeah, right, we’ll buy that. But what can turn a dream into a nightmare of sorts for those “lucky” winners of big bucks? Old-fashioned greed–American-style–will do it every time. Foolishly let the word out and you’ll soon have the grasping seekers of an easy buck coming out of the woodwork to share your liquid assets until they bleed you into bankruptcy. And there is no fool like an old fool, especially one with sudden riches, as personified by our hero, Ezekiel “Zeke” Hammerstein. His sweepstakes money ship finally docks at his run-down farm and makes him a sudden millionaire, but his advanced age doesn’t necessarily equate to maturity when it comes to having gobs of cash dumped on him like confetti at a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.
Zeke’s family has to come to the rescue to save him from the predators. Even the mob gets involved, ironically on both sides of the issue, lending credence to what the Good Book says about the Lord giving and the Lord taking. In the end Zeke rises to the occasion with some help from his extended family and friends, including certain amenable mob connections. So, he survives the chaos with his underwear intact while making something socially good out of his windfall. Of course a few hijinks, twists and turns keep events moving for Zeke, always a fun-loving guy with the ladies. Why change just because you’ve got money? Hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. The novella SWEEPSTAKES is now available on Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader @ $1.99 per download. ASIN: B00AES8J88