The Drummer Boy

Historical juvenile/young-adult fiction (10-14 age group)
Josh Lyons, Union drummer boy, yearns to be a real soldier. He gets his chance at Gettysburg. But during his up-close and personal conflict with the young rebel, Caleb, Josh captures an eventual¬†“friend” insead of an enemy and ends up trying to save him from a Yankee prisoner, an almost certain death sentence in filthy unhealthy conditions.
THE DRUMMER BOY comes out of my extensive research of Civil War drummer boys who served in America’s bloody political struggle. Some were as young as eight years old. And they suffered the same misfortunes that adult soldiers did in combat or in camp: violent deaths, maimings, painful wounds, capture, imprisonment, disease and homesickness. Some abandoned their drums for muskets like Johnny Clem, the Civil War’s real most famous drummer boy and our fictional hero, Josh Lyons does in THE DRUMMER BOY.¬†Now available as an e-book from Amazon’s Kindle e-bookstore @ $1.99 per download (ASIN: B00AMNT21S)