White Eagle

An adequate knowledge of our continent’s history is important for our country’s youth to be aware that we wern’t the first people to inhabit North America.
Our modern buildings and asphalt and concrete paving have covered the traces of the earlier occupants that we can no longer see any resemblance to yesteryear. What was life like before the European intruders invaded American soil and changed the landscape and the human demographics? The storyline of WHITE EAGLE gives us a glimpse, showing the realities of the clash between the warlike upstate Mohawk and the downstate placid Algonquin living in what is metropolitan New York City’s five boroughs.
WHITE EAGLE is about three Algonquin children kidnapped by Mohawk raiders during a time when forests covered eastern America. Deer and bear were hunted on Manhattan Island, in the Bronx, Broklyn and Queens. And the Hamptons didn’t exist out on Long Island, called Sewanhacky by the Algonquins, the first New Yorkers. Little trace remains of them today buried under skyscrapers, apartment buildings and our paved streets to remind us that they ever lived there during a time so different, it could have been on another planet. Now available as an Amazon.com e-book from the Kindle e-book reader store and on other hand-held reading devices @ $1.99 per download. ASIN: B00AUM250Q